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Volume Booster

Volume Booster

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.​

As the name suggests, Volume Booster helps you boost the volume of your music and videos up to 600%. Therefore, you do not have to be limited by the 100% volume while listening to your favorite audio. Moreover, Volume Booster is a user-friendly tool that you can install for free and use worldwide. It comes with many other unique features. You can install and use the extension easily by following the methods given here. Hence, all the users are suggested to go through these steps until the end to know about the usage and benefits of this Extension.

volume booster

What are the features of the Volume Booster?

How to install the extension?

You can install the extension by following the steps we have given below: –

Note: – Before we proceed with the installation procedure, please ensure that you use a Chromebook, Windows, or macOS device. In addition to that, you should also keep in mind that the extension is only compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Pin the Volume Booster to the toolbar

After installing the extension, you have to pin it to the toolbar. For this, you need to navigate to the Extensions icon. Moreover, the icon is located at the top-right corner of your browser. Now, click on the Pin button given in the toolbar. Hence, you have successfully pinned the Volume Booster extension to the toolbar.

Frequently asked questions

This is the free extension that anybody can install on their devices all across the world. It helps the users boost the volume up to 6 times. Therefore, they can raise the volume to up to 600%

You can use the following laptops and PCs to install the volume booster: –

  • Chromebook 
  • Windows 
  • macOS

You can use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Yes, you can control the volume of each tab individually.